Most people, when thinking of vacationing, think of traveling somewhere outside of the country, somewhere on one of the coasts to enjoy beaches, or somewhere in the mountains to ski. But if these vacation ideas have lost their appeal, or if they are simply too expensive, here are 3 great, unique vacation ideas within the United States that you will remember forever.

I want to thank Jeanette from Sterling Heights Limo Service for sharing her latest tips on unique vacation spots! She contributed this article once she found out I was looking for some unique ideas to share with you all. She loves the outdoors and gives us a unique perspective on some pretty cool places.

  1. Northern Michigan – When most people think of Michigan, they think of Detroit. And while you probably would not want to vacation to Detroit, just a few hours North of Lakes Superior and Huron are some of the most scenic water views you can find in the US. Summer temperatures hover in the 70’s, making it ideal weather for hiking, swimming, and exploring all of the small towns and cool natural effects of the great lakes.


  1. The Ozarks – Covering Southwestern Missouri and Northern Arkansas, this is a wilderness buff’s dream. There is no shortage of things to do, ranging from hiking and kayaking to fishing and hunting. When traveling here, you can find incredible stretches of the Buffalo River, trails that lead to breathtaking panoramic views from atop cliffs, and countless other natural wonders.

  1. Glacier National Park, Montana – The most popular destination spot in Montana, Glacier National Park offers two mountain ranges, over 130 lakes, and 1 million acres of sightseeing. It has something for everyone and is literally a breath of fresh air for anyone living in a city or suburb. And for those who like to fish or hunt, there are tons of incredible destinations near the park for whatever you want to do.


These are just three of the dozens of unique destinations in flyover country that most people never think to visit. But by visiting some of these less common destinations, you are sure to have a vacation to remember.