7 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

For many travelers today, the idea of a travel agent seems ancient. Millennials think those were people their parents used before the internet, baby boomers see them as an expensive tool of the past, and most Americans, in general, agree they are not needed. But good travel agents can still add tremendous value in a number of ways, so here are 7 reasons why you might want to rethink using a travel agent.

  1. They Save Time – Travel agents will make all of the arrangements for you, meaning you don’t need to spend hours coordinating planes, cars, hotels, and things to do. You simply tell them what you want to do and they set your itinerary.
  2. They Offer Competition – Travel agents (good ones, anyway) work with every cruise line, airline, hotel chain, and so on. So no matter what you are doing, you know you are getting the right vacation for you. If you are cruising, for instance, and call a cruise line, they won’t tell you the reasons why you should use a competitor. But a travel agent will.
  3. They Have Connections – Good travel agents can get you hotel upgrades, no-cost perks, and access to events from which you might otherwise be excluded.
  4. They Have Been There – Whether personally or on behalf of other travelers, travel agents have been just about everywhere. So if you are traveling somewhere you have never been, a travel agent can help you find the right activities for your vacation without breaking the bank.
  5. They Are Your Backup – If something goes wrong on your trip, you have someone to call who can fix it. If something is not up to your expectations, you have someone to call to fix it. If you need to cancel your trip at the last minute, you have someone to call to fix it. When you book a vacation online, there is no accountability. But with a travel agent, you have someone backing you up.
  6. They Know How to Budget – This is especially important for travel out of the country with another currency, but it is always nice to have someone advising you on how much things will really cost. Over-budgeting might cause you to skip activities you could have afforded, and under-budgeting can cause excess expense you can’t afford.
  7. You’ll have the Best Vacation of Your Life – Their job depends on it. If you don’t have an incredible experience or find true value in the agent, the agent probably won’t last very long. And it’s nice to know your vacation is important to the person helping you set it up.

Before you finalize the plans for your next major vacation, give a travel agent a call. You just might be surprised at the level of service, the added value, and the cost savings an agent can provide.