4 Fun Cold Weather Cruises

When most people think of cruising, they think of warm weather, sandy beaches, and frozen drinks. And while warm weather cruising is certainly the more popular option, cold weather cruising is starting to grow in popularity. You trade the bathing suit for a winter coat, and the beach for walking on a glacier, but if you’re looking for something new, exciting, and unique to do, cold weather cruising can be a lot of fun.


  1. Alaska – Alaskan cruises are the only cruises in America on this list. So if don’t feel like getting a passport for whatever reason, this can be a great option. The sights will be similar to the other cruises, including unique wildlife, icebergs, and other cold weather staples, however, during the right seasons, cruising Alaska can be far more forgiving in temperature. Alaskan cruising is probably the most common for Americans and can be an extremely enjoyable way to spend a week (or two).


  1. Greenland – Greenland has the world’s largest – and least visited – national park. It is home to the most active glacier in the world. Temperatures seldom pass 50 degrees, even in summer, and this allows for an incredible cold weather experience. And as a bonus, most Greenland cruises include time in Iceland, another great place to explore.

  1. Fjords – There is a number of cruising options through the fjords of northern Europe. These can run through Norway, Sweden, and Finland and involve some of the most unique and inspired sights of any cold weather cruise. In addition, these cruises can allow you access to a number of cities in these areas, as well as some small towns which would be otherwise inaccessible.


  1. Antarctica – Looking for true adventure? Try a cruise to Antarctica. You will often have unique ports of call, like the Falkland and South Georgia Islands, and an opportunity to see wildlife that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. There are options to cruise simply to enjoy the natural beauty of the southernmost points of our planet, or guided cruises which explore things like the effects of climate change.


No matter which you start with, don’t be surprised if cold weather cruising becomes your new go-to cruising option. The variety of wildlife, the differing locales, and the incredible natural phenomena which you find in cold-weather climates will keep you coming back for more.